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Achieving Improved Living Conditions In Kampala Slums Through Sanitation.

Blog by Silver Micheal Owere, Sanitation ofiicer ACTogether Uganda.

ACTogether Uganda and the National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda draw attention to the sanitation challenges faced by the slum dwellers. In an attempt to continue and consolidate the objective of improving the living conditions of slum dwellers in Kampala through increased access to water and sanitation services, different beneficiaries in Nakawa, Makindye, Rubaga, Kawempe and Kampala Central have been reached out to and a number of activities done whose output will guide the achievement of the intended outcomes and ultimate objectives.

Sensitization of the community on sanitation in forums; this is done through municipal development forum (MDF) meetings held in the different divisions of; Makindye, Kampala Central, Rubaga, Kawempe and Nakawa, the sanitation team uses this platform to inform community members about available sanitation loans, the new toilet prototypes and the process of giving out loans.

Toilet construction; the construction process is done by federation (community) members who were trained by ACTogether Engineers. 13 Toilet stances were constructed in the regions of Rubaga, Kampala central, Makindye and Nakawa serving 174 (Male 64 and Female 110) beneficiaries both direct and indirect in those regions from January to date.

The photos below shows toilet team during construction process of 2 and 1 stance toilets


Newly constructed toilets of 2 stance and 1 stance in Kamwokya as seen below

actogetherug actogetherug

Great impact has been registered in areas where these toilets were constructed; there has been improved hygiene and sanitation in the households living around because there is proper disposal of waste, there is reduction of bad odour in the area and people are appreciating the role of federation in boosting the health and hygiene of their community. The local leaders have also appreciated the work and more people are referred to federation and ACTogether to access sanitation loans especially land lords without proper toilets.

Project Management Committee (PMC) Training; after construction toilets all beneficiaries of new toilets are convened to sensitize them on the management and maintenance of biofill toilets. 1 PMC training was done in the this half of the year for the beneficiaries of 13 stances constructed and all these toilets are working well because the users have adhered to the guidelines that were given to them during the training

The photos below show some of the training sessions for PMC and beneficiaries of toilets

actogetherug actogetherug

Sanitation supervision and monitoring; this is an ongoing process in which a team from ACTogether Uganda and Federation visits the community where the construction is being done or a completed toilet to do a spot check for quality assurance. During the site supervision teams also verified the number of beneficiaries in relation to size of the toilet, the availability of land and supporting documents to that land.

actogetherug actogetherug

Peer to Peer sanitation exchange; Beneficiaries from the different divisions of Kampala convene at an agreed upon venue to share knowledge on the management and maintenance of these biofill toilets whilst sharing several issues and challenges they are finding in their regions/divisions and coming up with a plan that will guide them on the management of the toilets and at the end of the day they went back satisfied.

The photo below shows a group of community members being taught about biofill toilet


Impact and Policy; the federation success in this area of sanitation has increased its visibility to different stakeholders working in this particular area. At the national level, ACTogether and NSDFU are members of the Uganda National Solid Waste Strategy committee steered by the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development which focuses on how municipalities can manage solid waste. Presently, municipalities are preparing individual solid waste plans to feed into the National Strategy.

The sanitation projects have also acted as proof to government agencies that communities have the potential to initiate and manage projects.

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