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By Mawejje Francis, Intern under the documentation department, June – August 2016 It is June and the air is filled with dust; a frenzy of activities is going down from people welding and fabricating metal to those vending edibles like yellow banana and eggs. From a quick look of things,...

Participatory Governance

Participation is a fundamental goal and object of value in and of itself. That isevident from the fact that the right to participate in a society’s decision-making processes has been accepted by the world community as a fundamental human right. [bdt_post_carousel posts="6" categories="Participatory Governance" style="white" large="3" medium="2" small="1" scroll="1" arrows="true"...

Kampala Central Division: Contact person: MDF President; Mr. Ssemambo Yusuf – 0712965388. The following are the persons working hand in hand with him; Name Contact Representing : 1. Musomesa Alex Kyakonge 0772 188175 Religion 2. Jemima Kwomu Kisakye 0794 660090 Government 3. Mayanja Peter Lwanga 0701 965890/0794 661290 Government 4....

What are forums?

Inclusive urban planning requires two key ingredients: 1) spaces for engagement between all urban development stakeholders – especially the urban poor; and 2) organizational capacity within communities of the urban poor so that their voices can be most efficiently and effectively communicated. ACTogether and the NSDFU have worked hard at...

Slum Ugrading

Slum upgrading is an urban renewal strategy which consists of physical, social, economic, organizational and environmental improvements to slums undertaken cooperatively and locally among citizens, community groups, businesses and local authorities.


Such exhibitions allow the poor to discuss and debate-housing designs best suited to their needs. It also allows them to enter into dialogue with professionals about construction materials, construction costs and urban services. Slum dwellers have always been the architects and engineers of their settlements. In many cities, local governments...

Jinja Materials

This project was launched by the federation in 2013 to produce low cost and environmentally friendly building materials such as soil-stabilized interlocking bricks, pre-cast slabs, t-beams, laadies (precast mini slabs) and concrete blocks. These materials provide an alternative to burnt bricks (which are more expensive and unsustainable due to the...


Federation profiling has revealed time and again that sanitation improvement it a top priority for the urban poor in Uganda. Recent analysis suggests, Uganda is not on track to reach the MDG target for sanitation and is not expected to be achieved before 2050. This failure is expected to considerably...

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ACTogether, established in 2006, facilitates processes that develop organizational capacity at the local level and promote pro-poor policy and practice in Uganda’s urban development arena.



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