Cities and why I love them.

Blog by Mawejje Francis

Volunteer: ACTogether Uganda

  The earliest memories I hold of an urban life was the mystery of electric lights that would burn brightly at a snap of a switch and the irony of objects running behind me when in a moving car. Intrigued, I couldn’t stop wondering the magic behind all these things until years ahead when I attended a physics class at a local school where I commuted to on a daily.

The privileges of having been born in an urban life helped me a lot adjust to many things early in life and definitely helped me contain the mesmerize unlike many of the other folks that narrate the bewildering stories of the first time they came to the city and it was a whole new experience.

We all have a story of how we got to adjust to the local environment from the earliest days depending on how that community was shaped, and the very practices that governed the day to day lives of its inhabitants.  For me, I count myself among the lucky ones that were born during the late 90’s having a taste of both centuries and witnessing the transition to many things that are now dominant in lives of many urbanites.

Memories from the earliest mobile phones in Kampala and the technological giants of the days would not stand a chance in lives of young people today.

Fast forward; I still love the cities, of course not for same reasons but in the context that these urbanized communities have established themselves as centers of social economic transformation,  growth, cultural transformation that propelling us into the future of civilization. Living to witness the future that was once envisioned by great men when a statement that goes…there is no limit to what we can do.

Truly, there is no better times to live than today- of course, it is no utopian as it sounds, and there are still things that we struggle with but for me that is fine with me. It perhaps serves a purpose for which we are challenged to present solutions to. That’s the thing I love about civilization, it never stops…we keep advancing in designing simpler and more effective ways of doing everyday tasks across different levels.

That’s right- I can hardly hold a vivid picture of what civilization would look like without all these sophisticated ways of life that many young people cherish.

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