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Community small scale start -ups- How much zeal is needed to start?

Blog by Benon

Know your City youth documentor Lubaga

Raised from different backgrounds, tribes, religion, education levels and age, many people find themselves in Uganda’s informal settlements for one reason or another. All this diversity comes into setting common communal practices and this, is the community I live in.

Every mindset determines the nature and level of business done to earn a living. Many believe in self-employment as the only way though they lack capital and yet others prefer being employed as a way to raise capital.

Majority of the youth belong to neither groups-as they only walk and look for customers. This is informal business brokerage locally. They are known as “Abayiiribi” loosely translated as hustlers.


In here we don’t discriminate based on gender lines, it is your effort that pays off. Provided you allow the simple basics of this community, the structures will give you room to earn and start your own business.

Young men and women live as here as the masters of their own destiny-

Managing a simple business to many youth is easy but to many, they luck the capacity of self-sustenance.


This young man operates the “Kaveera” business and he has done this for 5 years. Through this, he is able to pay for his monthly housing rent and remits money for education and other material support to his family in the village.

And as I dwell in this environment, I appreciate the resilience of many youth, that are creating spaces for meaningful participation  in the market place. forget the rhetoric, forget the generations and hearsay that young people despise work, this is the reality of the daily hustle of many young people.


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