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Lack of power is one of the challenges that have commonly haunted the urban poor communities in Uganda. The solar project is one of the capital projects of the national slum dwellers federation of Uganda which was brought with an intention of getting the local communities out darkness and to reduce the dangers that come with using paraffin, candles and illegal connections.

The project is also a source of income most especially for those who actively participate in marketing and the technical work.

Different solar hubs have been set up, and the dispensations always take place in these three different regions. The first hub was at Mbale mission cell, followed by the Jinja buildings material training center, and Arua in Oli division offices.

The solar marketing and technical team in Jinja

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In all these regions, training was done on how to market the solar products, most especially for the marketers. Training was also done for the solar technicians on how to wire and connect the solar in different households. These also help advice clients on how to use the solar products that they have bought.

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Photos showing the Arua Hub and its active marketers

The project also promotes the saving culture of the federation members because communities were encouraged to continue doing savings as they embrace the low cost solar panels.

Solar is human friendly and environment friendly, that is why it is called clean energy.

The solar payment system is on loan basis, layby and cash. However the loaning system is much more appreciated by the low income earning communities. Arua, one of the regions without mega hydro power plant is the most affected by lack of hydroelectricity. The region has gladly welcomed the solar project.

The table below gives us the total number of clients so far

Region Female Male Total per region
Mbale 20 9 29
Jinja 11 7 18
Arua 24 22 48
Total No of clients 55 38 95

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