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The National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) is a member of the Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) network and currently boasts approximately 38,000 members in 15 urban centers across the country.


Nambozo Sarah

My story is that I joined the Federation in 2011 on March 4th. We had a team as Mbale which came to mobilize us. Before reaching the community they first went to the municipality. The municipality summoned all municipal technical and political leaders and all the divisions. They gathered a meeting and the information was shared. Then a team came from Kampala to Nabuyonga Ward, Northern Division. The team from Kampala was Hassan Kiberu, Katana Goretti, Waiswa Kakaire, and Medie Lutwama. I was among the first members to be mobilized on that very day.


Edith Samia

I joined the federation on the 22nd of September 2008. First of all we had a meeting at Mpummudde Division, whereby the Director of ACTogether had invited some technical staff from ACTogether. They started talking of savings and the groups which were saving with the federation. They talked about the groups in Soweto and Kamuli Rd. When we were discussing at the Division we got interested and the Chairman told them to work in the parish he worked in. One was Kimaka Parish. In Kimaka Parish there was a founding group called Kimaka Kwenula. But for us we were in Amber Court so we invited them to come to us.Readmore

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