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The three components that can modify the city ..

Blog by Kanonya Jimmy

Volunteer: ACTogether Uganda

 “50 percent of worlds inhabitants live within a city, a figure set to rise by a further 20 percent within 35 years. Cities are working to protect their citizens”, but the question is- what makes safe cities safe?

Many cities are characterized with a lot of political, social and economic issues that effectively constrain their good appearances and also compelling to both local people and investors. This is because many illegal activities are entailed in these cities that include increased violence, theft, informal jobs and also widespread failure of infrastructures that have drastically led to citywide disruption.

Therefore, it has been empirically observed that due to these monster illegal activities found in cities, they effectively need an approach of three components that can eventually revive the working and appearances of these cities. These include;

  • Safe public transport
  • Safe communities
  • Decent work

In this case, safe transport would mean a city with users, vehicles and lanes all in good shape, effective laws of transportation and understood to everyone and also a strong mutual respect between passengers and riders. Safe transport would be backed by safe communities within a city where proper sanitation, strong security, access to basic necessities of life and various places for a proper navigation.

Decent work in this case would mean formalizing work in cities where it wont only answer the question of standard of living, but also handling the rising costs of living to the people, more so when work is licensed it would be recognized and legitimized by various authorities hence making it productive and non-exploitative.

Generally, the above three components when implemented effectively, they would make a city safe and inclusive that would see it attractive to all people residing and working in there. This perspective is not ultimate on how cities can be safe, there should be other components that you can articulate for a safe and inclusive city. suggestions are welcomed.

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