Uganda Learning Center

Thanks to its achievements to date, the Uganda Alliance (ACTogether + NSDFU) has been designated the role of an SDI Learning Center. SDI emerged from the shared trans-national learning of two country-based Federations of the Urban Poor: Mahila Milan/NSDF in India and the Federation of the Urban Poor in South Africa. In the past two decades this trans-national learning has had an impact on scores of community networks in dozens of countries. At present there are 33 national initiatives that have drawn the SDI learning, mobilizing and advocacy activities into their national programmes.

After a number of years of open ended, learning and sharing through exchange programmes, SDI started in 2007 to streamline learning and experience sharing by narrowing down the countries that would provide training and guidance to the others. At the same time that this consolidation was taking place SDI was moving from a national to a city-based focus.

These two countervailing pressures are combined in the current SDI 3 year work-plan with the networks focus decentralizing further to be based at the level of the city, but with learning, capacity-building and monitoring being concentrated on four city-level centres of learning. Kampala in Uganda, Accra in Ghana, Cape Town in South Africa and Mumbai in India were selected as learning centers. These four centres are supported to develop, implement and evaluate differentiated learning exchange programmes and are facilitated by their city federations and support NGOs.

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ACTogether, established in 2006, facilitates processes that develop organizational capacity at the local level and promote pro-poor policy and practice in Uganda’s urban development arena.