Actogether Uganda

Launch of the Jinja Municipal Development Forum

June 29th, 2010. Yesterday was the official launch of the the JInja Municipal Forum. The Government of Uganda, in conjunction with international development partners, is launching Municipal Development Forums as a follow-up to the National Urban Forum launched in May.After a procession through town, attendees were welcomed by Jinja’s Deputy Town Clerk and heard presentations from ACTogether, His Worship the Mayor, and the Director of Physical Planning and Urban Development. Entertainment was provided by music and dance troop, Nile Beat.

The ceremony concluded with a presentation delivered by the Minister of State for Urban Development, the Honorable Urban Tibamanya, who officially launched the Jinja Municipal Forum.

The Municipal-level urban forums are designed to provide a space where all urban development stakeholders can meet and exchange views on effective strategies. Under the theme, “Sustainable Development: A Collective Responsibility,” the forums aim to increase dialogue, participation, and cooperation in the urban development process.

The Municipal Development Forums are governed by a Charter and are comprised of a Council, Executive Committee, Thematic Working Groups and a Secretariat.  Urban Local Governments are responsible for convening the forums.

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