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Who we are

ACTogether Uganda was established in 2006 as an independent Ugandan organisation affiliated to the International network of Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI). It is registered as an NGO in Uganda and aspires to have fair and inclusive Ugandan cities with united and empowered urban poor communities, who have the capacity to voice, promote and effectively negotiate for their collective interests and priorities.

Our thematic work areas

Building the capacity of the urban poor to improve their livelihoods and increase their access to land, housing and basic services.

Community Data

We strive to avail clear information/data about slums, establish functional settlement data centres

Community savings and Livelihoods

ACTogether continues to promote community savings and improve access to affordable finance for the urban poor

Community advocacy and documentation

A platform for exchanging ideas and participation amongst all stakeholders in the settlement;

Slum Upgrading Capital projects

We strive to improve hygiene and sanitation, land tenure, provision of work spaces/markets and resource centres for skills development.

Quick Facts

Responses to COVID 19: Uganda Federation & ACTogether Uganda

On behalf of the the National Slum Dweller Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) and ACTogether Uganda, SDI presents the work to fight COVID-19 in Uganda. The following is...

ACTogether Uganda 2019 Annual Report

ACTogether Uganda 2019 Annual Report 2019

Driving Infrastructure Development Through a Participatory Approach.


ACTogether Uganda 2018 Annual Report

ACTogether Uganda 2018 Annual Report

Nakawa Profile Data

Nakawa Municipality

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Networking Slum Dwellers to discuss community issues and coordinate programs and projects

Jinja Profile Report


Water and Sanitation Concerns in Jinja’s Slums

By Justin Silles, Alicia Brindisi, and Darcy Allen: People living in slums within Jinja encounter numerous health problems on a daily basis. The most...

Minister of Housing Officially Launches the Uganda Slum Dwellers Federation

By Lutwama Muhammed Last week the Federation of Uganda hosted delegates from Shelter Afrique who came to Uganda for their 29th Annual General Meeting and...

The World Bank Visits the Uganda Federation

By Sarita Vengal: From July 5th to July 7th 2011, Martin Onyach-Olaa, Senior Urban Specialist at the World Bank, visited the Uganda Slum Dwellers...

Lubaga Profile Data

Lubaga Slum Profile Report