Community advocacy and documentation

We use urban forums as a platform for exchanging ideas and participation amongst all stakeholders in the settlements and cities; aimed at influencing policy and legal reforms for sustainable development thus achieving participatory governance, by guaranteeing communication flows between slum dwellers/ community and the different urban stakeholders. They are part of a network of Urban Forums organised at national, city and settlement level with the purpose of bringing together different actors and stakeholders at that given level to discuss solutions to different challenges being faced.

Urban forums therefore play a crucial role in generating creative local solutions and partnerships between the local community members with the different stakeholders. This bridges the gap in the community by making planning more responsive to on ground realities and implementation a collective effort since they bring together communities at parish level to gather information and plan for their settlements as well as formulating proposals for development.

Community Data

We strive to avail clear information/data about slums, establish functional settlement data centres, enable community initiatives to collect data, conduct “Know your city” campaign’s and foster linkages with key national data collection mechanisms.

Community savings and livelihoods

In a bid to improve/Increase household income, ACTogether continues to promote community savings and improve access to affordable finance for the urban poor as a way of enhancing their livelihoods.

Slum Upgrading Capital projects

We strive to improve hygiene and sanitation, land tenure, provision of work spaces/markets and resource centres for skills development in the informal urban communities.