Who we are

ACTogether Uganda was established in 2006 as an independent Ugandan organisation affiliated to the International network of Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI). It is registered as an NGO in Uganda and aspires to have fair and inclusive Ugandan cities with united and empowered urban poor communities, who have the capacity to voice, promote and effectively negotiate for their collective interests and priorities.

National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) is a movement of the urban poor that consists of community saving groups that save daily and meet at least once per week to discuss community issues and coordinate programs and projects to build upon their strengths and address their concerns. These savings scheme whose members are slum dwellers are networked and federate at the regional and national level. Internationally, the groups are networked with other slum dwellers in over thirty countries under the Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) network.


ACTogether Uganda aspires to Build Inclusive Cities with Enterprising Urban Communities.


ACTogether Uganda aspires To Build the Capacity of the Urban Poor to Secure Tenure, Improve their Access to Basic Services as well as Promoting Mitigation Measures Towards Climate Change.

Our core values:

  • Centrality of community participation; The community is our reason for our being and we are interested in serving their interests. Therefore, we involve the community in our work at all stages right from planning to evaluation.
  • Commitment to excellence; We persistently create better ways of doing the things we do. We do not rest on our accomplishments, but rather build on them and set new standards in our work. We expect more of ourselves than our clients do and endeavour to exceed expectations in every project.
  • Good governance; Observance, strict adherence and promotion of rule of law, transparency, accountability and participation when interacting among ourselves and other stakeholders
  • Integrity; ACTogether board, staff and partners must conduct themselves with utmost honesty and moral uprightness in all their dealings.
  • Social responsiveness; ACTogether shall have an intentional public purpose or benefit that demonstrates engagement with external constituencies.