The Ugandan Slum Dwellers Federation

is a the national urban poor federation of Uganda. The Federation is a member of the Slum Dwellers International network and currently boasts 38,000 members in six urban centers across the country. ACTogether is the national support NGO charged with providing technical and financial assistance to the Ugandan Slum Dwellers Federation. Visit Website

The Cities Alliance

is a global coalition of cities and their development partners committed to scaling up successful approaches to poverty reduction. The Cities Alliance has approved a program to transform settlements of the urban poor in Ugandan cities. Visit Website

Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI)

is described as an international people’s organization. SDI supports the creation of national federations of urban poor. The fundamental building blocks of each country’s federation are community savings and credit groups. These groups promote a culture of saving, learning, cooperation, grassroots organization, and dialogue. These federations receive technical and financial assistance from national NGOs. In Uganda, ACTogether is the Federation’s support NGO. Visit Website